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Welcome to Glidescreen

Creators Of The Pivot Glide, A Modern and Versatile Motorized External Blind

Revitalising Tradition with an Automated Version Of The Classic Auto Awning. 

Patents Pending.

Provisional Patent #2023903866

Standard Patent #2023203556

New Product
Coming in early

A Motorised Alternative to Traditional Auto Awnings

Customizable to Fit Multiple Configuration options

Suitable for Homes and Businesses

Vast Commercial Applications for

Cafe's & Restaurants

The Pivot Glide Video

Patents Pending.

Provisional Patent #2023903866

Standard Patent #2023203556

Pivot Glide slide background.png

Form & Function

Modern and Creative Design

Each component is designed to perform. 
The Pivot Glide by Glidescreen comes as
a kit to combine with a straight drop.

Form and Function

The system performs multiple actions, lock, pivot, release and glide. These actions provide the ability to be an awning a pivot arm and a straight drop in one product. There are many ways to configure a blind by making adjustments to the length of the pivot arm and the travel length of the glide rod.

Durable and Weather Resistant Materials

Our parts are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, ensuring your blinds will continue to perform well into the future.

Vast Commercial

The Pivot Glide's  commercial potential is vast, providing an ideal shading and protection solution for restaurants, and cafe's. With its ability to stop at any point in its cycle, it offers tailored sun and weather protection. The convenience of remote operation further streamlines its use in commercial settings, making it an efficient and modern solution with diverse applications.

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